Hariett Adong, PEIFF Mentee Class of 2017, is a social worker and the executive director of the Foundation for Integrated Rural Development (FIRD) in Uganda. A PEIF Fund collaborator, FIRD is a non-profit and community organization established in 2005 and operates in post-conflict Northern Uganda to address different issues related to violence against women and girls, child protection and early childhood education for children in the Lira, Otuke, Alebtong and Dokolo districts.

A Violence Against Children prevention centre

Violence against children at home or in school,  whether physical,  emotional or sexual, remains a problem in post conflict Northern Uganda. Through the Violence Against Children Center, FIRD combats violence in schools, child neglect, child abuse, child labour and child marriages. As a community based centre, the Violence Against Children (VAC) Prevention Centre works with the childrens' courts and peer educators to identify incidents of child abuse in the community. These incidents are registed at the Center for further action by different stake holders at the district level through a referal case managment system.

 FIRD’s vision is to have empowered communities that drive their social-economic development needs freely and without continued dependency on aid. To uplift one child is to uplift a family and the whole people. A member of the 2017 Class and a PEIFF Collaborator, Harriet is working with PEIFF towards sustainable initiatives for empowering girls, women and their families.