It was indeed a unique experience as PEIF FUND mentee. It provided opportunity to participate in community service, have much deeper understanding about guidelines to apply for a fully funded study abroad program and sourcing materials for research study. It has also helped me in several ways, not limited to increasing my self-confidence, improving my interpersonal relationship skills, accepting feedback and providing me with important networking contacts. 

Thanks for adding value to my life. 

- Abdullahi Ibrahim 

Engineer & MSc Candidate

Class of 2017

My experience teaching kids has been a really fulfilling experience, knowing I am part of the success stories of these kids. Watching them unable to beat an academic challenge today, and a couple of days later, after a little tutoring, be able to do it above my expectation, is simply phenomenal. A lot of kids are willing to learn and full of so much potential but unfortunately do not always have the help they need to realize their potential, and being of help in this way, has been immensely inspiring and fulfilling.

- Hillary Maduka, LL.B., BL. Candidate

Former Senior Editor, International Youth Action Against Terrorism

Africa Regional Coordinator, Global Network of Young Leaders

Class of 2016

I was so glad to have Dr. Douglas as my mentor... We built a very strong mentor-mentee relationship. He advised me as he would his own son. I'm glad I undertook the 'Teach A Child' challenge. I developed a good working relationship with the students, working closely with them on various subjects, giving them enough time to learn and work through the materials at a pace that was conducive to their learning capabilities. The students' feedback was that they enjoyed the experience. We - the students and I - were reluctant to see the program come to an end. Thank you PEIF Fund for this opportunity!
- Peter Kolawole Ogundana, Economist
Class of 2016 

The program has helped me build a more marketable professional Imagery. The coaching session was very impactful and my mentors responded swiftly to the career issues I raised. It’s been a very enlightening program. I had discussion with sound intellectual figures who are at the apex of their careers and also excelling globally.


I felt fulfilled after the act of service. I was happy to have been able to put a smile on the faces of some disabled children. I look forward to doing more of these acts as the need arises. The act of service has been one of my most wonderful moment, and the memories I had with the disabled kids illuminates my soul.

The projects I have done so far and the challenges that surfaced in the course of its implementation were simplified by the joy its impact brought to me and the target community. These projects were some of the most fulfilling and satisfying tasks I have done so far.

- Olu Olubanjo, Engineer, MSc Candidate & Massey College Junior Fellow

University of Toronto, Canada

Class of 2016 & 2017



Thank you for this great opportunity and for another opportunity you've given us to continue discussions with our mentors.

It was a worthy experience and one I'd love to embark on again.

- Chisom Akpamgbo, Lawyer

Class of 2016

I truly appreciate the time and effort put into providing me with positive and constructive feedback. It only served to ignite deeper interest in the program... The way emails are replied showed me that I am conversing with intellectuals!

- Chukwuebuka Christian Ogbodo, LL.B., BL. Candidate

Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society and Google Policy Scholar

Class of 2016