Ireh Iyioha

Ireh Iyioha, PhD - Founder & CEO

Trained as an attorney, Dr. Irehobhude (Ireh) Iyioha's work and passions centre on social justice advocacy through service, research, teaching and creative writing. She has authored numerous scholarly and creative works in leading Canadian and international journals and is the editor and co-editor of two academic books (one forthcoming - 2019). She has held professorial and teaching positions at Western University, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Alberta, and ​is currently a Law Professor at the University of Victoria, Canada. Beyond her academic platform, Dr. Iyioha has held research and senior policy positions with the Governments of Ontario and Alberta in Canada.

She is the recipient of over fifty national and international academic and service awards, honours, and fellowships, including the World Congress on Medical Law Award from the World Association for Medical Law, the First Atlantic Bank Prize for Contribution to Peace and Academic Development at the University of Benin, the 2016 Canadian Immigrant of Distinction Award – Under-35 category – for outstanding achievements in professional and service capacities, and a 2017 Canadian Association of Law Teachers (CALT) Award for scholarly work that makes a Substantial Contribution to Legal Literature. Named one of 150 Most Accomplished immigrant women in Canada in celebration of Canada150 by the GROW Initiative, Dr. Iyioha was named as one of the Top 40 Under 40 by Avenue magazine in 2018 and received a 2018 Stars of Alberta Provincial Award from the Minister of Culture and Tourism and the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. The Stars of Alberta awards are given to six Albertans who "demonstrate exemplary initiative, leadership and creativity in their service to others, inspiring others to engage in volunteer service, while improving the overall quality of life of fellow Albertans and the community as a whole".  Dr. Iyioha was one of two awarded in the adult category in 2018.

She is a public speaker and serves as a mentor within the academic and business communities.