Our Year in Review: 2019-2020

The 2019-2020 mentorship year at the PEIF Fund was an eventful one, not because of the COVID-19 pandemic – though we certainly felt its impact, but rather due to achievements in service commitments, as well as the content and quality of the seminars delivered by our speakers.

Our seminars covered a range of subjects tailored to fit the interests of program participants and meet expressed needs in these areas. Seminars delivered in both Nigeria and Canada provided tool kits for setting up startups, business financing, strategies for raising funds for social enterprises, branding and platform building, personal financial planning, developing an effective career plan, among others.

We could not have achieved our service commitments without the combined efforts of program participants and teams in Nigeria and Canada. We are thankful to our Canadian team for successfully bringing the 2019-2020 program to a close just in time before the full-scale outbreak of COVID-19. We are grateful to all who made this happen, including the executives of the Mexican Society of Edmonton for their partnership with us for the second year in a row and members of the Class of 2019-2020 in Canada who came together to collect food donations for the Edmonton Food Bank as part of their program obligations for the 2019-2020 mentorship year. All proceeds from the program were delivered to the Edmonton Food Bank in December 2019.

We were hugely impressed by the efforts of both the members of the 2019-2020 Class ('Mentee-Tutors') in Nigeria and the management team that guided them through the program for a productive year of seminars and community service. As part of their charitable commitment in the last year, the Nigerian Class provided in-person teaching to children and youths living with different forms of disabilities at the Friends of the Disabled Orphanage Home in Lagos in Maths, English, Computer Science and Coding. Week after week, our Mentee-Tutors travelled from various distances to teach vulnerable children and youths. The importance of the service they have provided so graciously cannot be overstated. They catered to the educational needs of young persons who currently have no other access to formal education. In fact, many of our program beneficiaries had never attended school. A photomontage of the efforts our tutors is available at the end of this Review.

We issued hard-copy certificates to our graduating Canadian class at the end of the program year. However, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented an in-person graduation ceremony in Nigeria. Nominations are underway for program participants who distinguished themselves in their service commitments during the year as well as for community members who supported our programs in ways that allowed us to reach our charitable goals for the year.

Looking Ahead: 2020-2021

We have issued a statement of our future plans here. We look forward to continuing our engagement with you.

Stay safe and well!

Photographic Review of our Year 2019-2020

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