Our Plans in light of COVID-19: 2020-2021

The PEIF Fund manages a number of activities across Nigeria and Canada annually. Given the nature of our activities, our leadership teams in Canada and Nigeria have had to consider how to continue doing business given the significant impact of this pandemic. In light of the continuously changing situation and the predicted extended period of impact, we have reached tentative decisions regarding current and future plans.

I. Career Consulting Services

We appreciate the need for increased support for those who have been impacted by COVID-19. While our overall efforts will continue to be directed to meeting organizational goals for those in need - and as usual at no cost to beneficiaries, we are happy to support members of the public seeking career advice to guide them through these difficult times. In light of this, we will offer paid career consulting services to members of the public who are not currently enrolled in our program. This service will be rendered online until such a time when we can meet face to face with members of the public. For further information about this service, email contact@peiffund.com.

II. Graduate School Admissions

As an extended part of our regular services to Mentees, we will offer professional advice to recent graduates of our mentorship program seeking admission to graduate school in the 2021-2022 academic year. This free service will be offered entirely online, including through email correspondence.

III. Admissions to our Mentorship Program

In-person meetings between Mentees and Mentors and in-person activities are an integral part of the PEIF Fund Mentorship program. Our monthly meetings in the countries we serve are also largely in-person. During the early stages of our organizational work, we provided mentorship services largely online. This worked well with a simplified service requirement. While our leadership continues to explore returning to online mentorship as a response to COVID-19, we recognize the considerable disruption this would cause to our broader program objectives and plans, particularly because these meetings afford us an opportunity to make plans for our charitable projects. In light of the significant impact a full transition to online services will have on our charitable goals, our leadership has decided that we will temporarily suspend admissions to the next class (Class of 2020-21), focusing our efforts in stead on reaching our charitable goals for kids in need through other methods. In making this decision, we are also cognizant of the significant difficulties that individual mentees and mentors are going through in their personal and professional lives as they try to adjust to new ways of living and being. We will provide periodic updates as we continue to meet to roll out a plan for advancing our organizational goals.

IV. Request for Program Extension

Applications for program extension for interested mentees will continue to be processed, and where meritorious, granted. However, as we have already noted in one-on-one emails, there will be no physical meetings between Mentor and Mentee for the foreseeable future while the global pandemic lasts; and we will leave it up to individual Mentors to let us know when they are ready to resume online meetings with Mentees whose applications for extensions have been granted.

V. Pending Requests for Partnership

We implore organizations that have recently approached us for partnership to be patient as we deal with the new realities thrust upon us by COVID-19. Our board and team meetings and communications have focused more on the current circumstances, but we assure you that we will respond to your requests in due course. We will continue to receive requests for partnership at membership@peiffund.com.

VI. Our Availability and Support for Mentees

While we will continue to plan towards the eventual return to everyday business, we will remain reachable by email through any of the proper email accounts that we've always used: See our contacts page for our email addresses. We will continue to offer admission guidance and career advice to Mentees who have met program requirements and are seeking to apply to attend graduate school and related programs in the next academic cycle. However, please note that due to reduced capacity as members of our team deal with the challenges of the moment, we may be slower to respond to individual emails.

Our team in Canada and Nigeria are well and continue to properly isolate at this time. We thank each one of them - Reza, Emmanuel, Tobi, Leticia, Elohor, Kemi, Amos, Tomi, Kene and Michael for their incredible diligence in the management of our local and international programs.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and communities affected by COVID-19, as well as with you our amazing Mentors, past and immediate-past Mentees, and all other members of our broader PEIF Fund community.

For a photographic view of our year, including our charitable efforts in the communities we serve, please see our photomontage here!

With Much Gratitude,

Dr. Ireh Iyioha

CEO, PEIF Fund Inc.


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