Building A Teaching Program for those often Forgotten

PEIFF Mentee, Dorcas Noah, leads a Teaching Session on Entrepreneurship ((c) PEIF Fund, Inc.).

The PEIF Fund's Teach A Child (TAC) program has undergone restructuring. At inception, the program - which was designed to provide basic education to kids-in-need and other marginalized and vulnerable children from diverse backgrounds - operated through a system that allowed individual mentees to set up classrooms in community spaces on an ad hoc basis. Between 2016 and 2018, PEIF Fund Mentees indeed set up pop-up classrooms in local spaces to teach core subjects, such as English and Math, with oversight provided by The PEIF Fund.

The Class of 2019-20 has the same mission of offering basic education in core subjects to kids-in-need, with the primary focus currently being on children, youths, and young women with disabilities. However, mentees now work with specific schools, orphanages and institutions for children and youths living with disabilities in a program structured around five critical subjects: Maths, English, Computer Science, Coding, and Entrepreneurship. Children and youths in the program who are living with one form of physical disability or another come from diverse backgrounds, but a common story often unites them: Abandonment and deprivation. Besides a chronic shortage of teachers in schools dedicated to training children with disabilities, there is also the added problem of basic access, in terms of physical and financial access to schools. PEIF Fund Mentees have stepped in to fill the gap in Lagos, Nigeria, where the pilot program in its restructured form has now kicked off.

From Left to Right: Ifeoluwa Eso (Mentee), Amos Okomayin (PEIFF Staff), Mrs. Christy Aku (President, FOTD), Matt Adebisi (Mentee) and Kemi Olapade (PEIFF Staff) after the Teaching Orientation at Friends of the Disabled (FOTD), Nigeria ((c) PEIF Fund, Inc.).

At the heart of TAC is the goal of improving educational outcomes and empowering program beneficiaries with the necessary skills to excel. Starting with TAC-Nigeria, the goal is to expand this more structured format to countries in the region where the need is most critical.

If you are interested in our teachers serving at your institution in 2020, email us at:

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