A Tour to Remember: Mentees Visit the Edmonton Food Bank

On June 29, 2018, several mentees joined the CEO of the PEIF Fund organization and staff of the Edmonton Food Bank on an engagement and warehouse tour. The event was scheduled as part of ongoing discussions between the PEIF Fund and the Edmonton Food Bank towards the 2018/2019 Kids Food Basket (KFB) Campaign. The KFB is an initiative of the PEIF Fund organization designed to support kids from poor homes in the Edmonton region with nutritious food. All proceeds from the 2017/2018 Campaign hosted at the University of Alberta and environs, which took place between February 26 and March 26, 2018, were donated to the Edmonton Food Bank. The meeting at the Edmonton Food Bank on June 29 was a first step towards proper planning for the 2018/2019 Campaign.

Graphics: Edmonton Food Bank (c)

The tour was an opportunity to get some perspective on the mandates and exact scope of service of the Food Bank. The Edmonton Food Bank feeds up to 25,000 Albertans monthly - and that number does not include agency clients. In April 2016, the organization served 21,000 agency clients and in 2017, spent about $1,000,000 to purchase food products. They deliver hampers to agencies and food depots across Edmonton, helping to meet the needs of thousands of Albertans who depend on these agencies.

Graphics: Edmonton Food Bank (c)

Doug Hunter and Judy Yawney (Food Hub Coordinator) of the Edmonton Food Bank who ushered members of the PEIF Fund through the facility provided information on other supplementary services provided by the Food Bank. For example, the organization's Beyond Food program offers resources to job seekers in the city. Resources offered include assistance with resume writing, job searches, and a computer room where they can work on job applications. Edmontonians in need of these resources are welcome to drop by Monday to Friday between 9am-4pm at the organization's offices located at 11434 120 St.

Mentees at the Edmonton Food Bank Community Garden

Following the warehouse tour, Mentees were led to the Edmonton Food Bank's community garden in the precincts of the facility. While most of the Food Bank's supplies come from food and monetary donations, the community garden contributes to the supply of some fresh foods for the organization's charitable service.

Plans are underway for a follow-up meeting to finalize arrangements for the 2018/2019 PEIF Fund's Kids Food Basket (KFB) Campaign.

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