Meet the Class of 2018!

The PEIF Fund is pleased to introduce members of its Class of 2018!

Now in its third year, the PEIF Fund Mentorship Program welcomes a new set of candidates who will initiate projects for kids-in-need across several countries during their mentorship year. This year's Mentees are resident or will initiate projects in Canada, the United States, Nigeria, Gambia, Burundi, and Australia. The Class of 2018 are a diverse group of professionals whose charitable activities are focused on addressing issues at the core of the organization's mandate. Project proposals submitted as part of the rigorous screening process for admittance address issues around access to basic health services for homeless and orphaned children, child immunization campaigns for mothers, child nutrition advocacy and food drives for kids from poor families, and technological support to educate young girls in computational skills. Collectively, these issues represent the key prongs of the organization's commitment to the wellbeing of kids-in-need.

Over the next several months, Mentees will work with assigned mentors and supervisors towards accomplishing defined projects individually or in teams. Each class member is paired with a mentor in the individual's area of expertise, as well as a supervisor. Supervisors will work with their assigned Mentees on the design and management of their community projects to ensure long term sustainability.

The Review Committee acknowledges the challenge in selecting a handful of outstanding individuals committed to the service of their communities from an impressive pool of applicants. New stringent requirements and project proposals introduced this year helped narrow the pool.

The PEIF Fund looks forward to an exciting year with the Class of 2018!


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