PEIF Fund Mentee, Temitayo Adigun, Receives 2017 Billion Acts Hero Award

PEIF Fund Mentee (2017), Temitayo Adigun, is the recipient of a 2017 Billion Acts Hero Award for “Best Up and Coming Peacemaker”. The award is given by the Billion Acts Organization – an organization inspired by 14 Nobel Peace Prize winners, including The Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu, and in partnership with lead donor and tech developer, Google.

Since its inception in May 2014, the campaign has recorded over 25 million Acts of Peace in more than 110 countries, inspiring everyday people around the globe to craft a more peaceful and sustainable world (PR News Wire, 2017). Out of 8 million projects submitted around the world, Temitayo Adigun’s Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation (WHRF) was in the top six.

Temitayo is the founder and executive lead of the Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation (WHRF). The Foundation has taken bold steps to create awareness about the plight of children living in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camps, address the standard of living for children in IDP Camps, and provided critically-needed resources, including food, educational materials, and a lavatory. Temitayo, who became formally enrolled in the PEIF Fund Mentorship Program in March 2017, has supported over 100 disabled individuals through a ‘DisabledNotUnable’ Project Campaign (which was launched in April 2017). The Campaign has also indirectly impacted at least 300 individuals and their families.

Temitayo and his team have now expanded their operations to Kano State in Northern Nigeria, where they are providing medical care to indigent rural communities. This is done through the Foundation’s medical intervention Campaign, ‘Your Health Your Wealth Project’, which has impacted over 2,000 adults and 500 children in three local governments. The Nigerian SUN Newspaper recently featured an article about Adigun’s impressive efforts.

Temitayo’s Foundation has helped many children gain access to education with their ‘EndChildLabour’ and ‘EndEarlyMarriage’ Education Project. The projects' target for 2017 is 10,000 children, as against the Foundation’s 5,000-children target in 2016. Although the pace of work on the project has decelerated due to resources, they have so far supported 1,200 children in returning to school. That leaves their target at 8,800 children.

For Temitayo, the Billion Acts Hero Award is a humbling and an inestimable privilege, and a green light for him to continue to champion the cause of vulnerable kids in his and other communities in Nigeria.

PEIF Fund Inc. congratulates Temitayo Adigun on this incredible achievement!

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