Organizing for Good: Mentees Come Together to Support Children Living with Disabilities

This last week of October, a group of PEIF Fund Mentees got together to make good on a promise made to an orphanage home for kids living with disabilities. Several months ago, the group of nine, led by Ms. Stephanie Uzoh agreed to do something to alleviate the plight of kids at the MSP Medical Centre, Enugu, Nigeria, an orphanage for abandoned children and children living with various forms of disabilities. Although the PEIF Fund approved a small grant for this small-scale initiative to show support for the efforts of the mentees, the group successfully raised the funds through various means.

Chisom Ozoemena: Front Row, second from left (Copyright: Stephanie Uzoh)

Through their personal generosity and the donations of supporters, including from PEIF Fund staffer, Olu Olugbenga, who was assigned to oversee the final phase of the project following PEIF Fund's funding commitment, they purchased a new twin-tub washing machine for use at the orphanage.The group made the decision to raise funds for this project while they were final year students at the University of Nigeria Faculty of Law. Between studies and preparations for final exams, they planned and strategized towards the purchase of the machine.

This gift of a washing machine and the regular visitations to the orphanage to assist with daily chores, as well as to spend time with the kids during birthdays and special events, are some of the outcomes of the group’s pledge and commitment to service.

Small acts of kindness go a long way towards making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable among us! Congratulations to every member of the group for their efforts, and to PEIF Fund staffer, Olu Olugbenga, for his on-the-ground efforts and service!

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