MasterChef Finalist and Veteran Culinary and Cake Artist, Terry Adido, Joins PEIF Fund Mentors

Veteran Culinary and Cake Artist and MasterChef Canada Finalist, Terry Adido, has joined the team of PEIF Fund Mentors. Trained as an attorney in his home country, Nigeria, Terry works across multiple professional fields: He specializes in the fields of international law and health law, creates masterful works of art from flour, manages an online culinary site, and teaches other Canadian and international bakers the art of baking. Now, Terry is taking his expertise and sense of service to a new level as he joins the PEIF Fund Mentors. Terry, who is currently completing a major research project for the grant of a doctoral degree in law at the University of Alberta, epitomizes what the PEIF Fund organization is about. Focused on art, invention, and knowledge transfer, Terry hopes to inspire Canadians and internationals to do more than the confines of their day jobs allow them.

Terry, who participated in the syndicated MasterChef Canada TV Series and was a top finalist, is well recognized for his inspiring creations. More of the pieces shown here (copyright of are available on his site.

Terry's decision to join the organization in its goal of mentoring Canadian and international professionals who have exhibited a passion for social justice flows from his recognition of the importance of commitment to service and professional diversity among up and coming professionals. In Terry's words, "I decided to join the PEIF Fund because it is an initiative which celebrates talents and provides educational and other support to young individuals on their journeys to becoming fully realized professionals in their chosen fields. What attracted me most to the PEIF Fund is that it celebrates skills and talents and embraces creativity. As a professional myself who has embraced and nurtured his artistic talents, I look forward to sharing by experiences with others and providing knowledge, advice, motivation and support when needed."

Terry is looking forward to working with individuals who are passionate about the art of baking, who are invested in creativity, and are looking to grow and expand on their knowledge base. The PEIF Fund organization is pleased to welcome Terry into its fold, and looks forward to working with him towards encouraging more diversity and creativity in career choices.

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