“The concept of the PEIF Fund providing support for vulnerable children and offering a Service Mentorship Exchange Program (SMEP) is unparalleled and has my deepest admiration.” - Hon. Ricardo Miranda, former Minister of Culture and Tourism, Alberta.

About the Program

Our intensive coaching and mentorship program is targeted at young professionals. Accepted candidates meet regularly with experts in their fields or related fields of expertise, including the sciences, arts, humanities and the legal field, as well as with business leaders and consultants. Our monthly seminar classes taught by guest-speakers and in-house experts cover topics of relevance to our mentees - including topics on professional development, career-planning, personal and business financing, fund-raising, platform development and branding, among others. Only a handful of applicants can be accepted into our program annually. One of the qualities that our review committee looks for in successful applications is the applicant's commitment to service. Candidates in our mentorship program benefit from working with mentors and business leaders to discuss personalized solutions to the mentee's professional needs; receive information about relevant professional opportunities and assistance with important educational or professional applications; gain the opportunity to consult with our coaches and mentors on issues of career development; and gain access to collaborative opportunities with our coaches, team members, and mentors on specific policy-related projects. Candidates accepted into the mentorship program commit to working with the organization on its charitable initiatives during the duration of the mentorship program. While preparations for the service/charitable component of the program occur year long (April 1 - March 31), mentorship meetings run from April 1 – December 31. For some programs, such as the Canadian Kids Food Basket (KFB) initiative, implementation (Food Drive & delivery to the Edmonton Food Bank) typically occurs between January 1 and March 31. For other programs, such as the Teach A Child (TAC) initiative, service delivery is expected to begin as soon as the mentorship program starts. Participants also have the opportunity to attend our public seminar with experts in finance and business. Our past event was sponsored by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), and this year the CIBC has committed to sponsoring the seminar. The event is to be hosted at the Radisson Hotels. ​




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