Class of 2016

We had an impressive number of applicants for our inaugural 2016 class. While many of the applicants carried out various acts of service in their communities, our review committee welcomed the following individuals into the PEIF Fund RGI mentorship program.

Chukwuebuka Christian Ogbodo, Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society and Google Policy Fellow

Chukwuebuka Christian Ogbodo is a Final Year Law Student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is the recipient of the First Google Policy Fellowship in Nigeria with a N1.5 Million grant. He is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society, an honour accorded by the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust Foundation and a recipient of a scholarship to attend the Hives Global Leadership Summit in the USA. Chukwebuka has also received multiple fellowship awards, is a Unilever Brand Ambassador, and was a Global Semi-Finalist for the Open Society Youth Fellowship Award (USA), 2015. His professional experiences include successfully working with a Tech Start-up firm in Nigeria as a Legal Affiliate and volunteering at the University of Nigeria Law Clinic. During the summer of 2014, Christian worked at one of Nigeria’s foremost commercial law firms — Banwo & Ighodalo, and in 2015, spent the summer working at the biggest law firm in the country—Aluko & Oyebode. At the end of his Summer with Aluko & Oyebode, he gave a presentation titled, "The Economies of The Internet of Things". Beyond technology policies, Christian has a deep interest in energy law, reflected in his membership of the Energy Institute of United Kingdom, The Institute of Energy Law of the Center for American and International Law, Texas, and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK.

Viola Echebima, Former Director, Social Justice Department UNEC Legal Clinic

Viola C. Echebima has served as Director of the Social Justice Department at the Legal Clinic of the University of Nigeria (Enugu Campus) where she coordinated the social justice department wing of the university’s legal aid clinic, making policies and implementing same. She has also served as Associate Editor for the Barrister Magazine (official publication of the Law Students Association at the University of Nigeria - 2013/2014 edition) and as Summer Teacher for the Super Star International Centre, Owerri - a two-week work placement where she taught subjects such as English Language, Verbal reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. Currently a final year law student, Viola is the recipient of the Award of Excellence for the Most Promising Law Student at the University of Nigeria from the Law Students Association, Enugu Campus (JUNE, 2013) and the Award of Excellence for Best Counsel in the First Year Legal Debate by the University of Nigeria Student Bar Association, Enugu Campus (May 2012). She is also the recipient of the Award of Recognition as the Best Graduating Student from the Igbenedion Education Centre, Benin City (August 2004). She aspires towards a leadership role through the practice of law. She has particular interests in Energy and Natural Resources Law, Corporate law, and Banking and Investments law. She is a good team player, innovative and open to new ideas. She looks forward to using the PEIF Fund platform to pursue her interests in social justice, achieve her professional goals, and help her towards becoming primed to take up challenges for the Nigerian Society.

Hillary Maduka, Senior Editor, Google Policy Fellowship Finalist and Human Rights Activist

Hillary Maduka is a Google Policy Fellowship Finalist, Community Organizer, Human Rights Activist, and Law student. He is invested in the worlds of law and youth empowerment and transparency activism. He is Senior Editor of the Journal of the International Youth Action Against Terrorism and currently heads the Media and Publicity Department of the organization. He is also the Africa Regional Coordinator, Global Network of Young Leaders. Hillary is a three-time recipient of the Dean Honors Roll. In the Summer of 2015, he worked as a United Nations Youth Facilitator at the G.Y.C. in Qatar to help find lasting solutions to the humanitarian crisis plaguing different parts of the world. Currently, his engagement with the International Youth Action Against Terrorism involves working towards putting an end to terrorist activities across the Globe and engaging young people constructively. He has recently received a Scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service to attend a Summer course in Germany and Poland - "The European System for the Protection of Human Rights". He has also been invited by the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict in Washington to participate in a short program focusing on the advanced and interdisciplinary study of civil resistance at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, University of Tuft, USA. Currently a law student at the University of Jos, Nigeria, he is working towards becoming a human-rights lawyer. 

Chisom Akpamgbo, Law Graduate and Virtual Publicist

Chisom Akpamgbo is a Virtual Publicist and Law Graduate. Chisom has worked with the Prisoners Rehabilitation and Welfare Agency as a Field Associate. In that role, she interviewed persons awaiting trial and forwarded information obtained to the defence counsel who represented the accused. As a Virtual Publicist, she has handled the social media account and created awareness for her client organisations through her social media pages. In doing so she acquired interpersonal skills and further polished same when she attended the Seminar on Public Speaking organised by Prestige Anchors in 2015. At her spare time, Chisom listens to music and discusses politics. She speaks, writes and understands English and Igbo languages. She lives in Enugu.

Olugbenga Olubanjo, Civil Engineer and Entrepreneur

Olugbenga Olubanjo is a leader, entrepreneur, and innovation enthusiast. He recently finished his undergraduate studies from the University of Ibadan (UI), Nigeria, where he graduated with First Class Honours in Civil Engineering. As an astute entrepreneur, Olugbenga founded MOC trade, a book trading company in South West Nigeria. In his thirst for learning, Olugbenga has obtained various certifications from various institutions across the world. These include Oil and Gas Technology Certification from IFP School, France; Honour Code Certificate in Innovation and Commercialization from MITx; Future cities from ETHx Zurich; Inclusive Leadership from Catalyst; Gamification and Designing Cities from UniPenn, among others. He also barged a Project Management Practice Certification from NIIT. Olugbenga has served in various positions. He was Group Leader, Zenith Group, University of Ibadan (UI); Project Head, ENACTUS UI; Consultant for Engineers Without Borders UI; and a Volunteer Student Representative for Institution of Civil Engineers. Olugbenga is presently a Graduate Intern at Arup, Nigeria, and volunteers as Program Officer, PEIF Fund READY Global Initiative (RGI) Mentorship Program.

Jennifer Chinenye Eze, Social Justice Advocate

Jennifer Chinenye Eze holds an LL.B. degree. A former member of the Red Cross Society at Holy Rosary College, Enugu, she is currently a member of the Tabitha Deborah Initiative, a non-governmental organization that helps undergraduate girls who are not able to pay their school fees with their fees. She is passionate about humanitarian work because she believes that in doing the little she can, she might just help change the world and make it a better place. She considers being a member of the PEIF Fund a great privilege and is most delighted to be mentored. 


Bolaji Ogalu, Law Student and Founding Member, The Cyber-Tech Hub

Bolaji is a law student at the University of Lagos and part of the founding team for the Cyber-Tech Law Hub which aims at finding a synergy between Law and Technology. He is passionate about research and currently works as a part time undergraduate research assistant at Probitas Partners LLP. He was part of the University of Lagos team that participated in the Price Media Law Moot Competition organized by the University of Oxford. He won the 2nd Best Brief for both Applicant and Respondent at the Legal Compendium organized by the Faculty of Law at the University of Lagos. He also won the Best Respondent Brief for the Justice Bode-Rhodes Vivour Moot/Mock Trial Competition in 2014. He interned at Probitas Partners LLP where he wrote the article “Compulsory Pupilage of New Wigs: How Desirable” for the Ibadan Bar anniversary 2014. His other work is entitled, “The Federal Character Principle; Our Achilles Hill”. Bolaji wants to venture into Agriculture in the near future and develop an initiative he calls Agro-Law. He has a knack for teaching and is a certified tutor under the University of Lagos Law Students Society where he teaches Constitutional Law. He is a voracious reader who loves and is deeply concerned about the betterment of Nigeria and Africa. He pushes for reform in Nigeria's educational system, removal of the Federal Character Principle, the Justiciability of our fundamental objective, embracing Nigerian-made goods, national over sectional loyalty and more African co-operation. His interests include Public Interest Litigation, Media Law and International Human Rights.


Doris Chidera Njoku, Social Activist and Representative, Nigeria Campus Connect

Doris Chidera Njoku is a social activist and graduate of the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. She is from Owerri North LGA in Imo State, Nigeria. She is currently a campus representative of Nigeria Campus Connect. Doris is fluent in English and interested in learning foreign languages. She possesses very good interpersonal skills, is an attentive listener and a critical thinker. She loves to learn and is open to new experiences. She looks forward to contributing to the overall well-being of her society. Her hobbies include dancing, reading, baking, and speaking with people. 

Ogundana Kolawole Peter, Economist and Community Activist

Ogundana Kolawole Peter obtained a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Lagos State University, Nigeria in 2015. He is from Ekiti State, Nigeria. During and after his National Youth Service Program, Peter engaged himself in community service, educating members of his community about ebola and teaching less privileged pupils in a secondary school in Lagos State. Peter has worked with FAO Consulting International as Transport Analyst at Surulere, Lagos and is actively looking for new opportunities. 

Stephanie Ifeoma Uzoh, Writer and Humanitarian

Stephanie Ifeoma Uzoh is a Creative Writer, Humanitarian and holds an LL.B. degree. She started and leads an informal initiative that focuses on supporting orphans through service provided by a small group of student volunteers. Stephanie leads her group to orphanages where they offer housekeeping services; the group also organizes small donation drives to provide items of critical need for orphans. Her greatest wish is to add value to society, especially to children who are victims of child labour. It is heartbreaking for Stephanie to see the innocent faces of young children hawking food or other items on the streets as they risk their lives to make it across busy highways to reach a prospective buyer. She believes the PEIF Fund platform is the right avenue for her to create value and reach out to those she can help in her own little way. She loves to inspire, motivate, and putting a smile on people's faces. For Stephanie, love is truly beautiful when shown to those who are less loved.

Chisom Ozoemena, Law Graduate and Social Justice Advocate

Chisom Ozoemena is a Law Graduate and Social Justice Advocate. Chisom's legal education has made her realize the power of knowledge. She is grateful to her teachers for their diligent efforts in preparing her for the world. She cherishes education and its great importance in contributing to the development of the world and the human race. Given the dearth of effective and properly managed schools with adequate facilities in Nigeria and in Africa at large, Chisom's future goal is to support the improvement of education in Nigeria. Chisom believes that until more Nigerian children are enlightened, the country is unlikely to realize its rich potential at the world stage. This aspiration is reflected in her personal mantra, based on her high school motto: "Service of God and Others". Chisom passionately  pursues self-development, but more than that, intends to leave the world better than she met it. She is happy to have mentors from the PEIF Fund who would help her achieve her goals one step at a time. She loves music, basketball, new knowledge and humanity, and is a firm believer in God and the natural law of cause and effect.

Jennifer Cyril-Okafor, Social Justice Advocate, UNEC Legal Climic

Jennifer Cyril-Okafor is from Imo state, Nigeria. A graduate of the University of Nigeria, she was named Female Advocate of the Year 2015/2016 by the University of Nigeria Students Bar Association. She has training in client interviewing and counseling and is great at public speaking and multi-tasking. She also has great interpersonal skills and adapts easily to new situations. Jennifer was very active with the student law clinic at the University of Nigeria and has participated in several internships with great law firms in Nigeria. She is exploring her diverse interests in Energy and Gas law, Commercial law and litigation, International law and relations and Law of taxation, with the goal of pursuing further expertise in the chosen area. On a personal note, her primary goal in life is to be the best that she can be and to help as many people as she can. Her hobbies include singing, swimming, traveling and reading. 

Chisom Okolie, Law Graduate and Social Justice Advocate

Chisom Okolie is a Law Graduate and Social Justice Advocate. She is a lover of humanity and a natural born social worker who often engages in humanitarian and volunteer services. Chisom is very gifted in the art of mediating and possesses excellent interpersonal communication and time management skills. She is interested in personal development which drives her to constantly seek means of improving herself. She is an ardent believer in the saying, “Variety is the spice of life” as there is no limit to what a person can do. Chisom adores Arts and aesthetics. When not busy with academics, she can be found meditating, researching, brainstorming, playing chess, swimming, seeing movies, or having a good time out. Chisom currently resides in Enugu, Nigeria.

Judith Chinenye Ugwu, Law Graduate

Judith Chinenye Ugwu is from Ukopi Ekwegbe in Igbo Etiti Local Government of Enugu State. She holds an LL.B degree. She divides her time between Enugu and Nsukka, her place of residence.

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