Terry Adido, LL.B., LL.M., PhD. Cand.

International Law and Health Law Expert and Culinary/Cake Artist

Terry Adido is an Attorney, Expert on international human rights law and healthcare law, and a veteran culinary and cake artist. A member of the Nigerian Bar, he holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a Masters degree in Health Law from the University of Alberta. He was a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Health and Research Training Program in Health Law, Ethics and Policy for 5 years and is currently working on a major research project towards the grant of a doctorate degree in law in Canada. Terry is a well-respected artist in the culinary field and is the inventor of the 'Afro-European Fusion' style of cooking. He is renowned for being a Finalist on the third season of the MasterChef Canada TV Series and manages a food and cake decorating website called gratednutmeg.com. Terry’s artistic cakes are a hallmark of creativity and intricate design. He has been involved in both national and international cake collaborations. He teaches and mentors others in the field of bakery and culinary arts towards honing their artistic skills. Driven, passionate and resourceful, Terry is looking forward to working with individuals who have a flare for the artistic, who reach beyond the confines of their daily jobs and incorporate creativity into their lives. 

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