The PEIF Fund, Inc. supports vulnerable children, including orphans, kids living in poverty and in conflict, and girls locally and Internationally.

The organization offers a flagship Initiative, a Service-Mentorship Exchange Program, through which it supports the careers of socially conscious young innovators and professionals committed to serving vulnerable kids through targeted initiatives falling within the organization's mandates or projects.

The PEIF Fund, Inc. also invests in small-to-medium scale social initiatives with measurable returns for kids and the amazing mothers who raise them. 

Our Vision

We believe every girl, every child has the potential to grow and soar. Circumstances of birth, as well as economic and social disadvantages often derail individuals who would otherwise become functioning members of their societies. In line with Patricia’s vision, the objective of the PEIF Fund is to uplift one child at a time (or a thousand more at a time with the necessary resources) through programs, services, and initiatives that have measurable impact.

Our Goals

The PEIF Fund focuses primarily on vulnerable children. This includes children living in poverty and in orphanages, children living with disabilities, children living in conflict zones, and girls. The organization's goals include supporting childhood and girl-child education and healthcare through advisory and advocacy efforts; supporting skills-based training for young girls on a needs basis; and providing financial and other support to orphanages.

Also at the centre of our work with children are mentorship and professional coaching: our coaching and mentorship programs are designed to achieve the goal of service to children while providing professional support to youths who care about service and social justice. We connect mentors and mentees locally and internationally and support youths and young professionals towards achieving their educational, career and professional goals. The PEIF Fund further educates youths about social justice and about giving back to their respective communities through acts of service and change-inspiring initiatives. We teach and support a culture of giving back in different ways - not simply as single acts of charity, but as a way of life.


In working with youths who have done inspiring acts of service or are leading innovative projects directed at making the life of a vulnerable child more comfortable, we are able to guide, support and form strategic alliances with new and emerging non-profit initiatives and startups that focus on the kids we care about.

By raising a generation of social-justice minded professionals - individuals with 'Acts of Kindness' at the top of their CVs, we are working towards the goal of inspiring lasting change in our communities.

Our Work


Mentees, including organizational leaders, MBA and professional degree holders, are enrolled in a world-class mentorship program tailored to fit individual needs.