Thinking of Applying to our Program?

Thinking of Applying to our Program?

Learn More About Changes Due to COVID-19

Our Year in Review

Our Year in Review

Learn What We Have Done So Far!

Thanks For Helping Feed Our Kids!

Thanks For Helping Feed Our Kids!

Thanking all who donated to our Kids Food Basket for Kids-in-Need at the Mexican Xmas Party!

Service Mentorship Exchange Program

Service Mentorship Exchange Program

Learn More About the PEIF Fund's Award-winning Service-Mentorship Exchange Program (SMEP)

Monthly Coaching Seminars

Monthly Coaching Seminars

Register for our Monthly Coaching Seminars.

Every child is born with wings

Every child is born with wings

Nelson Mandela:

Nelson Mandela:

Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity. It is an act of justice.

Our Motto:

Our Motto:

Polishing Wings for Flight.

Teach A Child Challenge

Teach A Child Challenge

Participate. Earn Rewards. Become a Mentee.

Connect with us

Connect with us

Multiple platforms for furthering your goals and ours.

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Year in Review:


The 2019-2020 mentorship year at the PEIF Fund was an eventful one, not because of the COVID-19 pandemic – though we certainly felt its impact, but rather due to achievements in service commitments, as well as the content and quality of the seminars delivered by our speakers.

Class of 2019, Canada

Monthly Business Seminars in Canada

COVID-19 Updates

We offer monthly seminars internationally to explore new topics in a broad range of areas, including building a career plan, business financing, project funding, and platform building, among others, while tackling issues affecting kids-in-need in Edmonton. Learn More about changes due to COVID-19.

PEIF Fund Seminar, Edmonton and Ottawa,

Teach A Child Program (TAC)

Meet and Greet Ceremonies took place internationally on April 27, 2019. A new Class of Mentees in STEM, arts, and social sciences was inaugurated as Tutors in our newly re-structured Teach A Child (TAC) Program in Nigeria. 

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TAC Nigeria

Teach A Child (TAC), Nigeria Restructured

The TAC Program offers basic education to vulnerable children, including those living with disability and in poverty. Students enrolled in the program obtain free, regular tutoring in Math, English, Computer Science, Coding and Entrepreneurship. 

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TAC: Building A Teaching Program for those often Forgotten

At the heart of TAC is the goal of improving educational outcomes and empowering children and young women with disabilities with the necessary skills to excel in a world unprepared for them. We offer several core subjects, including: Maths, English, Computer Science, Coding, and Entrepreneurship...

Expanding TAC to Local Schools

Plans are underway to expand TAC-Nigeria to more local schools and institutions for kids with disability.

Interested in our teachers serving at your institution in 2020?

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 "I truly appreciate the time and effort put into providing me with positive and constructive feedback. It only served to ignite deeper interest in the program... The way emails are replied showed me that I am conversing with intellectuals!"  


- Chukwuebuka Christian Ogbodo, LL.B., BL.

Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society;

Google Policy Scholar

Class of 2016

"My experience teaching kids has been a really fulfilling experience, knowing I am part of their success story. Watching them unable to beat an academic challenge today, and a couple of days later, after a little tutoring, be able to do it above my expectation, is simply phenomenal. A lot of kids are willing to learn and full of so much potential, but unfortunately do not always have the help they need to realize their potential, and being of help in this way, has been immensely inspiring and fulfilling."

- Hillary Maduka, LL.B., BL.

Former Senior Editor, International Youth Action Against Terrorism; 

Africa Regional Coordinator, Global Network of Young Leaders

Class of 2016